Annual vaccination for Momo

at the Budapest vet, a photo by zannnielim on Flickr.

Momo for his annual vaccination for the Rabies and LEPTO and the DHHPi at Budapest’s vet. Well, the vet assistant was rather friendly and kind. Momo has always been very well-behaved. He was very cooperative and curious. The last time he had his vaccination for the Rabies and LEPTO and the DHHPi was at the border before we cross Hungary into Croatia. How time flies and it has already been a year. Microchipping was the last time Momo was at this same vet along the Andrassy utca. You may read about Momo’s experience here.

Momo in Transylvania

Momo in Transylvania by zannnielim
Transylvania is really a beautiful place and this was exactly what I saw. Unfortunately, there were many stray dogs around. Some of them are quite aggressive. One dog which belongs to the villa which we stayed, was kind of like a ‘shepherd dog’, it was eyeing on me even I was on the second floor of the villa. When Jodee was holding me in her arms when we came down finally to get ready to go for a dinner, the dog actually came so near and even jumping to get near me at that height.
Jodee was totally scared and shocked that it did that! She quickly passed me to Zsolt (who is taller and braver) and he had to ask the owner of that dog to tell it to stay away.

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